Me at the workstation

Me at the workstation

So who am I and what am I doing on your screen? Like I said above my name is Nathan, and in simple terms I’m a gadget geek. I like shiny stuff with lots of buttons and lights. I started out in the computer science field  in Ft. Myers, FL when I was 12 years old. My first project was reinstalling Windows 95 after crashing dad’s computer! I made a habit of crashing my poor dad’s computer as I tinkered with advanced settings, installed new software, and took a dive into the hardware from time to time.

During this time I also learned about something great! Programming! Back in those days I was learning BASIC programming in old MS-QBasic. That was a long time ago, but I’m glad I did it! Around the time I was 15, the guy who is now my boss stopped by the place I lived and I showed him what I was doing with QBasic. He was a real professional programmer, and showed a lot of interest. Shortly after that he started working me part time to assemble electronic components and learn how to program in C.

Seven years later I’m working the same job, doing a wide variety of things. Right now I’m researching Embedded Linux, I’m the primary Draftsman, and I still find time to build those electronic components. I also fill several customer based roles from time to time, but those are boring. 🙂

One of the most exciting things to happen to me in a long time has been my marriage to my lovely wife Alex. We got married in April of 2009, and have been making our path together ever since.

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  1. Would you happen to be the “Natrobius” who posted a review of Name Mangler to the App Store? If so, I’d love to talk to you, as we’re not seeing the issues you’re reporting (unable to rename thousands of files at once). If this isn’t you, please ignore — the App Store makes it impossible for us to directly contact our customers, so we’re left to try to find them ourselves to help solve problems they’re reporting.

    Rob Griffiths
    Many Tricks

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