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It’s one of the questions I get asked the most in my business. You didn’t install anything (you know of), you didn’t visit any new websites… You just used your computer the same way you have every day since you bought it and kabloey! All of a sudden and without warning it quit working! How did this happen to little ol’ you?

Bad Guys Are Clever…

…very clever. Chances are there was nothing obvious about when your computer became infected. Most viruses and malware get installed quietly, without attracting much notice. When they have to draw your attention, they typically disguise themselves as useful programs that you would normally keep on your computer. (This is where the term Trojancomes in. It’s a computer program that looks good on the outside, but is dangerous on the inside)

One of the primary culprits for installing viruses are popups. You visit a…

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I am a computer programmer and repair technician, and a technology journalist. I'm interested in making people's lives easier by the use of computers and other media technology.

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