Fedora 14 – Impressions

When I saw that the Fedora Project had released a new version of Linux, I was skeptical to say the least. The last several versions or “cores” from them have not worked well on my hardware and I’ve ended by removing it from my computer and putting something else on. Needless to say, I wasn’t in a hurry to spend 3 hours downloading this release.

When I did finally get around to downloading it and getting it running on my system, I was surprised to find everything (seemingly) working the way it ought to. The installation went on without a hitch and I truly believe that we’ve gotten to a point these days where anyone can install Linux. Once the desktop was up and running I went ahead and customized my setup with the cairo-dock package, which as a dock to your desktop similar to the one packaged with OS-X. That and enabling Compiz was all it took to have an attractive setup running. Further testing revealed that although Compiz functions correctly, ATI video card support is still sketchy and games requiring hardware 3d will not run on my card yet. This is something I am hoping will be fixed soon. (Maybe in Fedora 15?)

So would you like to try Fedora 14? Post your experiences in the comments below!



Click the image!


About natrobius
I am a computer programmer and repair technician, and a technology journalist. I'm interested in making people's lives easier by the use of computers and other media technology.

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