Ubuntu 10.10 Release

The next version of Ubuntu is coming soon

Coming soon… The new Ubuntu Linux release.


New Tech Being Released Soon

Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless announced that they have incorrectly billed users for internet access, possibly for years. They are going to be sending refund checks to former users, and crediting the account of people still holding a Verizon account. The incorrect charges seem to have been caused by people accidentally accessing their web browsers on their phone, and some software on certain phones accessing the web without the owners consent. The FCC is has launched an investigation.


Microsoft confirmed the release date of Windows Phone 7 as Oct 11th, according to reports. Windows Phone 7 is supposed to contain numerous changes from 6.5, including new interface improvements for touch, to solve the need for a stylus which has plagued Windows based mobile devices for years. The phones will be launched on AT&T initially, and will come to other carriers in the near future.


Toshiba has announced the upcoming release of 3D televisions that will not require the use of glasses. The set top will contain lenses creating 9 “sweet spots” where people can sit to view images in 3D without wearing glasses. The usefulness of this update in technology is likely to be very limited by the fact users will have to sit in specific locations which may not accommodate certain room layouts. The new televisions will also be rather expensive, costing over $2000 USD for a 20 inch model.

That’s what’s new in tech today, some exciting news for mobile users, and some interesting if not practical improvements for home media. I will be very interested in seeing if the 3D technology improves to reduce the need to sit in a “sweet spot.”

Open Source vs. Microsoft

Funny Open Source vs. Microsoft video. Thought I’d share.