OpenOffice sticks it to the man

The news is spreading like wildfire that the developers largely responsible for the development of OpenOffice do not like the way Oracle has back-shelved the project and have defected to govern themselves. Their new group, dubbed The Document Foundation has released a beta version of their new, rebranded version of OpenOffice named LibreOffice. The change apparently seems to have been started by the acquisition of Sun Microsystems, the company that first sponsored OpenOffice, by Oracle. Policy changes have been coming in a steady stream from Oracle since taking over Sun’s assets. The first change to hit the media was the lawsuits currently being leveled at Google for use of the Java Virtual Machine in it’s Android operating system, something that the people at Sun never seemed to care about.

With the recent changes by Oracle one is left wondering how long the Sun assets, such as Java, will survive as viable platforms for innovation. Oracle seems to be taking a hostile approach towards Open Source projects, which is quite the opposite direction from that which Sun was taking. Sun had started a great deal of open source work and was contributing a large number of intellectual properties back to the open source movement. One must be left to wonder how long it will be before Java, Virtual Box, and Solaris, will cease to exist under Oracle.


About natrobius
I am a computer programmer and repair technician, and a technology journalist. I'm interested in making people's lives easier by the use of computers and other media technology.

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